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Inman Disconnect

April 8-10, 2019, real estate’s best and brightest will come together in Palm Springs for Disconnect, where we will define and debate the industry’s pressing issues and build (literally) a blueprint for the future.

Who owns the transaction in five years? Who controls the data? How is the consumer experience different? What will the real estate value chain look like? Who wins, who loses?

We will dig deep on these questions on the gorgeous grounds of the Parker Hotel and off-campus in the inspiring landscape of the Coachella Valley. Then, we will actually build a physical manifestation of what that real estate world looks like, constructing the pieces of an actual model for the future. This object will then be shared across the industry, leading the way for where we all need to go.

Get ready for another mind-blowing Inman experience.

Disconnect is an invite-only event. If you didn't receive an invitation, and you think we missed you, email us at