Sound Meditation Recordings


We provide Sound Meditation recordings and customized compositions available for your workplace, wellness space, podcast, product launch, event or app.  A range of available recordings have been designed to improve focus and creativity, increase productivity and peace of mind, promote sleep, deep rest and relaxation.  See Past + Present Clients

Product Options:

  • Sound Meditation Recordings - license 5 minutes to 5 hours of original music

  • Custom Compositions/Scoring - we produce original compositions and soundscapes exclusively for your product or space

Listen to samples below:

Benefits include:

  • The ability to quiet the mind

  • Release of undesirable thought structures and habits

  • Considerable diminishment of anxiety and depression

  • Access to inner peace and calm

  • Increased self-confidence and ability to connect to others

  • Enhanced ability to listen and pay greater attention to details

  • Access deep states of relaxation

  • Relieve stress

  • Quiet the mind

  • Cultivate inner peace and calm

  • Recovery from insomnia and poor sleep

  • Enhance dreams and meditation practice

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