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Sound Doula - Introductory Workshop

  • Mama Glow 267 Berry St Brooklyn, NY (map)


As a doula or birth worker, your practice includes serving as a constant presence of support, serving as an advocate, and exposing expectant and new mothers to a variety of tools that serve to educate, empower, and impact their experiences for the better.

During the fertility and pregnancy period we want mothers to be relaxed- mentally, physically and energetically. We want to support a deep connection to the developing baby and help foster an opportunity to bring to surface emotions including: fear, worry, anxiety, excitement and joy. Our work as doulas is to help provide tools that dissolve tension and help our clients explore a deeper relationship with herself during this sometimes-stressful adventure to new motherhood.

Sound Therapy can provide access to a state of deep relaxation and rejuvenation during this time of profound transformation. We will introduce the science of sound and it's impact and influence on the systems of the body. 

We will explore the magic of crystal singing bowls, the medicine of tuning forks, and the healing balm of the voice to provide a safe and relaxing environment, generating restorative effects for the mind and body, while exploring the basic principles of sound therapy, including deep listening techniques and sonic tools to incorporate into your personal meditation and self-care practices as doulas and care givers. This workshop is the precursor to our weekend SOUND DOULA certification which will take place in 2019. If you desire to bring sound into your doula work, if you want to use sound to support your own wellbeing, if you would like to expand your self-care rituals to include sound therapy, this is a perfect introduction to the science of sound and self-care, to learn how to mother yourself and your clients.  
We invite you to bask in the glow of relaxation, mindfulness, and embrace ultimate self-care in our mini- Sacred Sound Bath session at the end of the workshop. Enjoy a sensory experience of sound, meditation and aromatherapy guided by world renown sound practitioner Sara Auster and master doula Latham Thomas. 

Sara Auster is changing the way the world is engaging with sound and the act of listening. As a sound therapist, meditation teacher, and artist, she has been a driving force in bringing sound baths to contemporary culture. Having worked with brands including: SONOS, Goop, Saje Wellness among others, Sara is a notable force in the wellness community. Using a holistic approach to well-being with the transformative power of music and sound, her carefully crafted experiences allow sound to be used as a tool to access meditative states, support self-inquiry, and cultivate deep relaxation. Sara recently released her second album - NAMORA on vinyl. 

Latham Thomas Named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100 - a enlightened group of leaders elevating humanity with their work- Latham is helping women embrace optimal wellness and spiritual growth as a pathway to owning their power. She is the founder of Mama Glow, a lifestyle brand and highly regarded website and women’s center in Brooklyn, NY, offering inspiration, education, advocacy and holistic services for expectant and new mothers. Mama Glow boasts a DOULA IMMERSION program that is globally recognized and attended by women from all corners of the USA and 6 continents. Latham released her first meditation album: BEDITATIONSGuided Meditations for Rest and Renewal and is leading a revolution in radical self-care teaching women everywhere to “mother themselves first.

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