Namora is the first sound bath to be released on vinyl.  The album is designed to accompany meditation, relaxation and deep listening practices.  Suggestions for listening:  Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down.  Play and enjoy through headphones or speakers.  

Deep listening exercise:

1. Close your eyes and listen. See if you can notice the sounds in the room and outside of the room. Some might annoy you at first or not be particularly pleasant, but draw your awareness to them. Allow and accept the sounds as they are. Focus on the sound and the contrast it leaves in the room after it fades away.

2. Stay loosely focused on your breathing. Let the breath be a secondary focus of the practice. 

3. Become aware of the space around you. Become conscious of the space in front, behind, and to the sides — even above and below. Allow yourself to feel as if your mind is expanding into the surrounding space, even expanding outside of the room.

4. Let the sounds you hear anchor you in the present moment. Try not to get caught up in judging what you hear or analyzing the sounds; just listen, observe, and experience them. If you become restless or impatient, acknowledge these feelings and allow them, but do not react to them. Stick with this for one side of the record and see how your awareness has shifted from the beginning of the practice to a calmer, more relaxed state.  

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s o u n d  mo(ve)ments is a meditative auditory experience.

A sound bath in your pocket.  

Each wooden box set includes a USB drive with over 90 minutes of music to accompany meditation and promote deep relaxation, original printable artwork for your desktop or wall, as well as a Quartz Crystal that has been bathed in the sounds of live crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and gong.  

Purchase  s o u n d  mo(ve)ments here

Watch Sara's presentation and guided Sound Meditation at Creative Mornings NY - 12.07.17

Below you will find a few short sound meditations.  Please listen and enjoy.  

Dear Friends,

Everest Awakening, a very special album with 78 songs, was compiled in light of the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, bringing together musicians, artists, writers, poets and activists in an effort to raise funds for relief efforts in the Himalayan region. The album features Philip Glass, Patti Smith, Flea, Krishna Das, Thurston Moore and many more!  Thank you to Jesse Paris Smith for working tirelessly to put this together.  This is gift for you from all of our hearts. 100% of the proceeds go towards relief efforts.  Please SHARE the love and kindness.