s o u n d mo(ve)ments

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sound mvmnts box.JPG

s o u n d mo(ve)ments


s o u n d  mo(ve)ments is a meditative auditory experience*.

Each wooden box set includes:

  • a USB drive with over 90 minutes of music to accompany meditation, and promote deep relaxation and sound sleep
  • a Quartz Crystal that has been bathed in the sounds of live crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and gong 
"Sound Mo(ve)ments is beautifully done. In fact, I have been very mentally scattered over the past month and have tried various meditation apps and techniques. After becoming really frustrated I flipped over to Sound Mo(ve)ments, selected "WATER" and was instantly calm and focused. That was a key moment. I am now starting to play around with other mo(ve)ments to see how I respond to them for meditation."  
-Bill Thompson

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*meant to be experienced in the comfort of your home and not while driving or operating heavy machinery.  

All sounds created by: Sara Auster, Basia Blonska and Nathaniel Martinez
Recorded at: Future Past Studios, Hudson NY
Produced by: Sara Auster, Nathaniel Martinez, Alex Falk and Phil Moffa

SARA AUSTER  s o u n d  mo(ve)ments  ©  2015