How you relate to the sounds, yourself, and your environment in the present moment is always shifting. Sound Baths are an opportunity to be in connection and conversation with those shifts and to be more mindful in your relationships to the sounds around you constantly. 

The sounds being played at a Sound Bath are a container for you (and your team, class, group, company, etc.) to have an experience. You are creating with me in every moment of the Sound Bath, giving meaning and purpose to the notes, bringing energy and movement to the progressions and ultimately transforming the space you are in.  

Busy transit hubs and conference rooms can become tranquil spaces for contemplation and reflection. Groups of total strangers can come together to sit in stillness and peace with the use of only a few simple instruments. It is not by magic that these things happen, it is a simple understanding that transformation can, does and will occur here, there, everywhere – all we have to do is listen.

Please visit EVENTS to join us at an upcoming public sound bath or send a booking inquiry through the form below.

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When I first sat in on a class with Sara Auster I was blown away. In addition to being a master at the singing bowls, she knows the ins-and-outs of traditional meditation techniques and blends the two into a wonderful experience that is relaxing and helpful for a practitioner of any level.
— Lodro Rinzler, Meditation Teacher and Author of "The Buddha Walks into a Bar