Introducing the Scented Sacred Geometry Sheet,
a brand new multisensory product combining a calming
eucalyptus scent and sound meditation.


Sacred geometry is a concept of balance and consciousness that has been used in design, art, architecture,
and meditation for millenia. It is found abundantly in nature, from a snail’s shell spiral to
the humble pinecone. Mandalas, a Buddhist form of sacred geometry, are used by
monks to represent the universe and act as aids for meditation.

Take a pause and enjoy an immersive experience of the senses with this simple mindfulness practice.


Perceive the visual representation of sound in your
6 Tattly designs


Cut out the one that resonates with you and notice the
water drip drown your skin as you apply your Tattly


Inhale deeply to take in the healing scent of eucalyptus


Listen to "Crystal Mo(ve)ment" by Sara Auster and
observe the sounds

Keep this special moment with you for the rest of the day (or 2-4 days).
Eucalyptus is an effective agent in supporting respiratory health.
It also has the ability to enhance concentration.


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